Covenants and Restrictions -

College Woods homeowners have covenants and restrictions on their homes that were put in place at the time the home was first built.  These Covenants and Restrictions restrict the homes to owner-occupancy only, and also cover maintenance issues such as seasonal decorations, placement of garbage cans, outdoor clothes drying, fences, etc.  The following links will display samples of the three types (Single Family, Duplex and Townhouse) of Covenants and Restrictions that are currently in effect in College Woods:

Neighborly Note:


"No boats shall be stored or maintained in the front of any dwellings on the premises."


You must store your boat behind the front of the house and preferably behind a fence as well.  This should be understood to mean the boat's trailers, and similarly towed apparatus, as well.  

"Click" on the town seal below and the link will take you to the information posted on the Town of Islip Community Development Agency's website.

Town of Islip Community Development Agency

Whether you are an original owner of a College Woods home, or subsequent purchaser, these Covenants & Restrictions still apply to your home, and were a matter of public record filed in the Suffolk County Clerk's Office at the time you purchased your home.


Please contact the Town of Islip or the Islip Commmunity Development Agency if you have any questions.




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