CWCA PROPOSAL: Smith St. to Carleton Ave. Pedestrian Sidewalk

As part of the $10 Million Downtown Revitalization Inititive (DRI) , the College Woods Civic Association submitted a proposal to complete a sidewalk that would connect College Woods to the downtown area of Carleton Ave.


The project would be part of the beautification and streetscape improvement facet of the initiative and help make the dowtown area more welcoming to pedestrians.  This project would be a great example of cooperation between state and local government agencies working directly with the community to make positive improvements to Central Islip.


The CWCA proposal has requested $100,000 from DRI Funding.


This project would create a decorative sidewalk that would run down the south side of Smith St. along the property line controlled by the Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA). 


The project would require the construction of the pedestrian sidewalk along the SCWA right-of-way and, funding permitting, might also incorporate additional street parking and a right turning lane to alleviate the safety concerns at the southern gateway to the Downtown Area at the intersection of Carleton Ave. and Smith Street. 

The SCWA's Engineers met with the College Woods Civic Association to review the plan and determined that the project would have no impact on their operations and would benefit the community.  SCWA fully supports the project and would contribute the land along their right-of-way necessary for the construction of the new sidewalk.


The finals details of the improvements still need to be worked out and would require project management by the Town of Islip Department of Public Works along Smith Street, and coodinatioon with the Suffolk County Department of Public Works for the intersection at Carleton Ave. The project would also need to flow into a broader plan for the intersection improvements submitted by the Town Islip Plannning Department.


The College Woods Civic Association has agreed to commit up to $25,000 to support the decorative elements of the project.  These funds to come from both available funds and funds to be raised from donations and fundraising efforts.

Let us know your thoughts on the sidewalk proposal or any other ideas you might have for fundraising or the design elements for this streetscape project!